Geographic information systems (GIS)

MARECO generates, collects and maintains spatially referenced resources related to marine habitats and their management. Acquainted with marine and maritime issues, we use our cartography and GIS expertise to organize scientific campaigns (e.g. positions of receivers, sampling locations, demarcation of diving zones, safety buffers around offshore constructions), facilitate marine research (e.g. remote sensing, geospatial data processing, spatial analysis) and support marine management (e.g. marine spatial planning). GIS expertise is also used to produce maps for scientific papers and reports and to prepare thematic maps for the wider public. As member of the Geocell team, a group of geographical experts, we participate to the upward validation of spatial data (legal aspects, topological and geographical consistency) and their full description according to established standards (ISO 19115 metadata profiles). We further contribute to the maintenance of geoportals (;