Pavlína Podholová

Pavlína Podholová (BSc in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology, Masaryk University, CZ; MSc in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management, Ghent University, BE) is a multidisciplinary and passionate marine scientist, interested in marine policy and in the integration of underwater video imagery and remote sensing toward the environmental monitoring and conservation of natural hard substrate benthic communities 

She is currently coordinating and implementing the Belgian national baseline monitoring program COMOFISH, evaluating the effectiveness of bottom-disturbing fisheries management measures on natural hard substrate communities in Belgian waters. Her former experience focused on assessing the challenges of deep-sea monitoring and drafting of the Environmental Impact Assessment for mining activities in an upcoming Royal Decree 

She is also the Belgian delegate for the Intersessional Correspondence Group on the Coordination of Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring (ICG-COBAM) of the OSPAR Commission.