Climate chANge impacts on carbon cycling and fOod wEbs in Arctic Fjords

Greenlandic fjords support highly productive and diverse food webs, while they play an important role as CO2 sinks. At the same time, global warming significantly impacts these systems through the accelerated melting of ice. CANOE aims to investigate to what extent glacial retreat in Greenlandic fjords affects primary productivity, carbon mineralisation rates and carbon burial, and food webs. The CANOE project consortium will make use of the new RV Belgica’s advanced facilities to investigate how climate change will affect the carbon dynamics (production, mineralisation, transfer in food web and burial) in Arctic marine ecosystems. MARECO contributes with expertise in structural food web analysis.


Partners: UGent (Marine Biology Research Group and Protistology and Aquatic Ecology Research Group); NIOZ (NL); RBINS ECOMOD and RBINS BEDIC